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If you watch Counting On online, you know that though they still live in separate states, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are pretty much on each other’s minds 24/7.

There’s been talk of Jinger and Jeremy moving too fast, but these two clearly have no intention of slowing down.

Jinger and Jeremy got engaged after just a few weeks of dating, and as this preview from tonight’s episode of Counting On reminds us, the couple is very eager to live together as man and wife: 

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The scene shows Jinger preparing to fly to Laredo to visit Jeremy in Texas – with her Michelle, Jessa, Ben Seewald and baby Spurgeon all along to chaperone, of course, because that’s how the Duggars roll.

"Today I’m going to see Jeremy," Jinger excitedly tells the camera.

"It’s a super early morning and I’m flying from [Arkansas] and Jeremy’s coming from Laredo to meet me in Dallas at the airport and we’re all going to fly to Philly."

Though it’s an early morning flight, Jinger appears to be out of bed hours ahead of time, giddily telling Ben that she slept for "a very short time."

Speaking to the camera, Jinger admits:

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"It’s kind of hard to sleep when you know that within so many hours you’re going to be together again, so every time I go to see Jeremy it seems like I get very little sleep the night before." 

Jinger decides to make productive use of her sleepless hours by making her hair do that horrendous, teased ’80s thing that the Duggar women seem to love.

Unfortunately, she forgot about Murphy’s Law of Hair:

Anytime you’re about to see someone whom you hope to see naked, your hair will act like total dumbass and messing with it will only make things worse.

Jinger Duggar Gets Excited

"I don’t like this hair," Jinger complains.

"I grabbed the wrong curling iron, guys. What do I do? These curls look like, super tiny."

It’s not hard to see why she’s upset.

Jinger and Jeremy Reunite!

Anyone familiar with the Bible will remember the passage in which Satan appears before a group of ringlet-haired harlots and informs them that tiny curls are totes his thing.

Fortunately, Jinger retains her sense of humor throughout the ordeal.

When Michelle Duggar asks if there’s anything she can do to help, Jinger jokes:

"Uh, cry with me. No, I’m kidding. I’m not going to be so bad. I know he won’t even pay attention to my hair. It’s a girl thing." 

Sure she briefly considers missing her flight so that she can continue to fuss with her hair, but eventually cooler heads prevail.

But we think it’s safe to say the girl is head-over-heels.

No wonder she’s not listening to anyone’s concerns about her relationship.