Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen Feud Alert: Is It Real?!?

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Bethenny Frankel and Andy Cohen are totally not friends. 

Well, at least if recent reports are to be believed. 

If you recall, The Real Housewives of New York City aired a three-part reunion show that was full of drama. 

Andy Cohen & Bethenny Frankel On Sirius FM

Seriously, pretty much all of the cast bickered through the episodes. 

A hot topic was LuAnn de Lesseps' relationship with love rat, Tom D'Agostino. 

If you recall, Bethenny had a lot of words for LuAnn after revealing that Tom was probably stepping out on her with other women. 

Her claims fell on deaf ears with LuAnn, but the other ladies were not so quiet. 

Tom had actually been chatting with more than one of LuAnn's fellow cast members. 

LuAnn de Lesseps Tom D'Agostino Jr Boat

LuAnn and Tom are currently engaged to be married and it seems pretty darn likely the nuptials will go ahead. 

LuAnn does not seem fazed by her fiancé's infidelity. 

There's a good chance none of it is true and it's all been made up for the cameras. 

That's sort of what happens on reality TV. Right?!

LuAnn de Lesseps Attends School of Visual Arts presents Language Of Fashion

Say what you want about Bethenny, but she can effortlessly manipulate a situation and exploit it for the cameras. 

That's something a producer would do and Bethenny seems to think so herself. 

That's probably why she demanded a producer credit for her involvement in the reunion episodes of the Bravo hit. 

This did not go down well with Andy, who she met to confront about asking her questions he shouldn't have. 

She was upset at him — and she demanded a producing credit for talking about Luann’s cheating fiancé on camera,” revealed the insider.

“Andy explained neither he nor the network ever agreed to that and she got angry and threatened to leave the show unless she was paid $2 million to film, which the network is refusing to cough up.”

Nene Leakes Tells You To Twirl

$2 million is a lot of money, but Bethenny is probably worth it. She's up there with NeNe Leakes as one of the best housewives in the whole franchise. 

With cast shakeups already happening, will Bethenny make the cut for another season?

The show is just not the same without Bethenny, so there's a good chance producers will try their best to keep her pleased. 

Jules Wainstein is already out after just one season of the series. 

 Bethenny was very vocal about Jules using the show as a vehicle to showcase her divorce. 

Bethenny is smart. She picks up on information and uses it to her advantage a lot of time later. 

That's what happened with Jules.

She and her husband notified Bethenny of their marital woes before filming even started on the show. 

What do you think of all of this?

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