Ben Affleck to Jennifer Garner: Now I REALLY Want a Divorce!

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Way back in June of 2015, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced that they would separate after nearly a decade of marriage.

In the 15 months that followed, rumors of Affleck and Garner getting divorced seemed to surface about once a week.

But for whatever reason, neither party has taken any steps to legally end their marriage.

Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck in Los Angeles

That may soon change, however, as sources say Affleck is finally ready to pull the trigger and file for divorce from Garner.

We know you've heard that before, but one tabloid swears it's, like, for real this time, you guys!

Sources tell In Touch that Ben recently broke the news to Jen in his car, of all places.

Onlookers who claimed they witnessed the exchange say the actress broke down in tears, and Ben half-heartedly attempted to console her.

"Ben and Jen were talking in the car," one witness told In Touch.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Tense Times at Pacific Palisades Farmers Market

"There was a lot of gesturing, and it seemed intense. Jen looked really upset, like she was crying. Ben seemed both detached and, at other times, like he was reaching out to her."

One insider says Jen was under the impression that she and Ben were on the verge of reconciliation, and was gobsmacked by the news that he now wants a divorce.

"The divorce is moving forward — their business managers are hashing out their finances right now — and Ben wants to get on with his life," the insider said.

"Jen started crying when Ben told, but he's had enough."

Bennifer Pic

It's not hard to see why Garner believed that she and Affleck would be able to work things out.

The couple has been photographer together frequently in the months since they parted ways.

They recently vacationed together for Affleck's birthday, taking their kids on a camping trip in rural Montana.

It's long been rumored that they Bennifer 2.0 definitively decided to give their marriage a second shot for the sake of their kids, but have held off on moving back in with each other out of fear of messing things up.

Some claim Ben's sudden decision to call it quits is a result of the actor meeting someone new.

And indeed, their have been reports of Affleck spending time in the company of a mystery brunette in recent weeks.

Whatever the case, we think it's about time these two went ahead and ripped the Band-Aid off.

Sometimes going your separate ways is the best thing you can do for the kids...

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