Tyler Baltierra: In Therapy After Comments About Catelynn Lowell's Weight

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Tyler Baltierra has told fans that he is in therapy after making comments about what his wife, Catelynn Lowell was eating in a preview for the new season of Teen Mom OG.

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What's different about Baltierra's delivery is that we know he doesn't mean any harm, since his relationship with Lowell is the kind that most people would kill for.

It all started in a preview for the August 22nd premiere, when Catelynn said that she might start up Weight Watchers again.  

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Baltierra was the adorablly clueless husband who thought that straightforward questions wouldn't translate into a hidden message, and asked if the portion size she was eating adhered to Weight Watchers standards.

Then Baltierra joked about not wanting a "hiefer" for a wife, and the producer off-camera gently teased him to not make fun of a woman's eating habits.

Baltierra is friggin' adorable and therefore gets a pass when it comes to almost anything (almost). 

And yet, he admitted to fans on August 19th that he was going through therapy to work on his delivery.

"Currently in therapy to work on my delivery of messages & opinions. Yes I know I'm a prick but I admit it instead of defend it #ImAnAsshole," he tweeted.

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Baltierra is NOT an asshole, he's just a lovely guy who might have said the wrong thing to his lady love.  What man hasn't done this?

Tyler Baltierra Admits Wrong

Unlike a lot of the other Teen Moms baby daddies, Baltierra's fanbase was a lot more supportive of Novalee's dad than, perhaps because Baltierra's true colors as a kind, honest and compassionate father and partner have shone through over the years.

Lowell went to rehab in March to deal with post natal depression and other mental health issues, with Baltierra supported 100%.

Cate Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

"Still, definitely admiral of you 2 work things out in therapy 2 continue 2B the awesome husband you are for," one Twitter fan wrote after the clip aired.

Teen Mom OG returns to MTV at 9 p.m. on August 22nd.

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