Ryan Edwards: Under Investigation For Felony Animal Cruelty!

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Infamous Teen Mom baby daddy Ryan Edwards is facing an animal cruelty investigation following his Instagram tirade about cat murdering.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom

After Ryan Edwards' cat murdering spree at his home in Tennessee became a viral controversy - of his own making - officials are investigating.

Well, it's his parents' home, if we're being specific.

Naturally, being the absolute winner at life that he is, he still lives with mom and dad. Not dissing any of you who live with yours, but ...

C'mon. It just fits too perfectly with this D.

Anyway, the Humane Educational Society in nearby Chattanooga is looking into his alleged animal cruelty after multiple people complained.

According to a statement released by the Humane Educational Society, there is a “full scale investigation” launched against Edwards.

Ryan Edwards Gun Pic

Earlier this month, Maci Bookout's former boyfriend shared disturbing photos of dead cats on his Instagram, bragging that he shot them.

Police and Animal Protection Officers executed a search warrant on the Edwards' home and property last week, according to the organization.

Reportedly, officials “gathered enough evidence to continue their investigation,” according to the statement, which sounds pretty serious.

Bob Citrullo, the director of the Humane Educational Society, told news channel WDEF that photos were taken of things on the property.

Ryan Edwards Cat Killing

“Other things that we have found on the property definitely lead me to believe that this was done with intent," Citrullo said.

"At this point," he added of the reality star, "it’s safe to say that he was luring the animals onto his property to kill them."

According to news reports, the group is “now working with the District Attorney’s office to gain a broader search warrant.” 

The Humane Educational Society added on its Facebook page: “The organization does not take Edwards’ claims lightly."

"[We have] every intention of seeing the former reality star prosecuted to the full extent of the law if his horrific statements are found to be true."

Ryan Edwards gun

Officers told WDEF-TV that if Ryan is arrested, he will be charged with aggravated animal cruelty, which is a felony offense in Tennessee.

If convicted on such a serious charge, the father of Maci's son Bentley will be placed on Tennessee’s animal abuse registry.

Ryan has not been arrested or charged at this time and remains innocent until proven guilty, it is worth noting and reiterating.

Edwards, who appears to currently be in Florida, has deleted all incriminating photos and text from his social media accounts.

This is the Internet, though, where nothing truly goes away, and it's likely his deliberate antagonism may come back to bit him.

Ryan Edwards Cat Killing Instagram
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