Leah Messer: United Airlines DESTROYS Daughter's Wheelchair

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We don't often say this, but we feel awful for Leah Messer.  

The Teen Mom 2 star shared a heartbreaking photo with fans earlier this week of her daughter, Ali's wheelchair, which had been mishandled during transit on a United Airlines flight.

Leah Messer Wheelchair Destroy Pic

"This is despicable @united !!" Messer wrote.

"How can you destroy a child's wheelchair and turn the other cheek! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! Now I'm standing @flyohare HOPING I don't miss my flight. As I am waiting for her wheelchair to be transported to our plane. #why #disappointed."

Messer and her three daughters were coming back from a trip to Great Wolf Lodge in California.

Ali, 6, suffers from a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and her doctor warned Messer that the young girl will rely on a wheelchair full-time at some point in the future, as the disease will render her too weak to survive without it.

Fans came to Messer's defense, with some even offering to contact their local news stations to spread the word on what happened.

Of course, for every kind display of humanity, there's a troll.

"Crap happens!" said troll wrote.

"Just because you think you're famous doesn't mean you're above everyone, sorry it happened but do you know how many peoples stuff is lost forever or damaged , you're not the only one nor are you above the rest... It's a risk everyone takes while flying...like I said no one is perfect, you should know that lesson by now."

The more compassionate fans retaliated. 

"you are disgusting it has nothing to do with fame its vital piece of equipment to her daughters life," one wrote.

"it's not just something or just stuff," another chimed in.  "iI's what she depends on this not to mention the time & money it takes to get it. You're simply mindless, and are clearly missing her point as to why she's upset.

Back in May, Messer gave an update on how Ali is adjusting to her new set of wheels.

Leah Messer ar Great Wolf Lodge

“She uses it at school. I’ll take it with me to [Ali’s twin sister] Gracie‘s competitions. She uses it for music, to go upstairs, to go outside and play, to feel independent.  She is so much happier," Messer said.

“She comes home and she’s like, ‘Mommy, I use my wheelchair now.’ She feels so good.” “We’ve been given estimates of when she would need it fulltime, but we really don’t know for sure."

United responded to Messer's post, but no word yet on if they're replace the wheelchair.

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