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For the record, we say many mean things about Kim Kardashian and give her a hard time on a regular basis at THG.

Kim Kardashian Tries to Seduce
Photo via Instagram

The reality star deserves criticism, of course, in many respects.

She talks WAY too much about her need to lose weight and she relies FAR too heavily on posing naked, among other irritating behaviors.

But we never criticize her parenting of North and Saint.

Go back and read all of our Kim Kardashian stories (go ahead! We’ll wait right here!) and just try to find any commentary on Kim as a parent.

We have no doubt that Kardashian loves her kids and no doubt she wants the best for them.

At the end of the day, this applies to nearly every parent and it’s really all that matters in the big picture.

Why the long preface? Why this seemingly random introduction to our latest Kim Kardashian article?

Because many critics on the Internet have apparently taken major issue with a cute photo Kim posted on Instagram this week.

Here it is:

North West Takes a Bath
Photo via Instagram

Pretty basic, right?

Kim wrote "GLOW" as the caption of an image that features daughter North West taking a bath, surrounded by some glow sticks.

But not everyone thought it was as harmless and cute as we find it to be.

Here’s a brief rundown of what some commentators said to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star upon seeing this picture:

Glow sticks are toxic and the fluid is in the tub.

It would be really tragic if one of those broke.

That’s not safe at all – it can poison her skin.

If one of those pop, she will be bathing in dangerous chemicals.

One person even shared her own personal experience with these items.

“I had a terrifying experience with a glow stick," this user wrote. "It broke in half when I cracked it and went in my eye and my eye hurt for a week and now it feels abnormal so always be safe with a glow stick."

It is true that glow sticks contain a chemical that can be harmful to the skin.

And it it’s also fine for folks out there to mention this, to offer some parenting advice if a child truly seems to be in danger.

But let’s be serious: this isn’t the first time Kim Kardashian has been called out as a parent.

Heck, she took flak for merely going out for dinner a few days after her last child was born.

There are PLENTY of negative things one can say about Kardashian, as noted above. Can we just focus on those topics going forward?

Once you bring kids into the picture, you’ve almost always crossed a line.

All any mother or father can do is try his or her best.

In that respect, Kim and her siblings and her extended family really are – in the immortal words of Us Weekly – stars who are just like us!

So, for all the criticisms we’ll continue to lay at the feet of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner and this entire family, they will get a pass here.

Nude pics, shady product placement, and otherwise questionable behavior? Fine. But we vow never to say a word about how they’re raising their children.

Unless they dangle the kid outside a window or something, like Michael Jackson did with Blanket that time.

Come on … that was nuts!