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We don’t think anyone would claim that Kate Upton is incredibly talented or exceptionally brilliant, but to her credit, she made it as a model after being rejected by the industry’s mainstream.

It doesn’t hurt that Upton has giant boobs, but there’s more to her success than just her figure.

The girl has a gift for marketing herself and using social media to her advantage.

It’s a skill set that’s occasionally led to comparisons between Kate and the Kardashian clan.

Of course, in Kate’s case, there’s no Kris Jenner manning the controls of her career.

We’re sure these days, Upton has a team of agents, publicists and PR reps to enhance her “brand,” but in the early days, she did it mostly on her own.

Unlike Kim and company, Kate did it without a well-connected momager – or a team of plastic surgeons.

Perhaps that’s why she’s throwing serious shade at the Kards for pretending they haven’t gone under the knife:

Kate Upton Shades the Kardashians
Photo via Snapchat

Yes, Kate posted the above pic to Snapchat with a caption reading:

“I look like a Kardashian, nose job and all.”

The comment didn’t come entirely out of left field, as there is a brief history of shade here, and naturally, it involves Kanye West.

West lashed out in one of his signature tirades after Upton dressed as Marilyn Monroe for a 2013 Vanity Fair cover.

Kanye felt that Kim should’ve been dressed as Marilyn because “icon” and “best of all time” and blah, blah, blah.

All of that may have factored into Kate’s decision to throw some mild shade, but we think there’s more to it than that.

Kate Upton: 2016 Costume Institute Gala
Photo via Larry Busacca

It’s not the fact that the Kardashian gals have had work done that upsets so many of their fans and colleagues.

It’s the fact that they won’t own up to it.

The Kardashians lie about plastic surgery so often these days, that there are folks out there who really believe that they’ve never had so much as a facial injection.

That can lead to unrealistic beauty standards and body image issues, and it may be what Kate is calling out here.

Or maybe she’s just returning fire because like so many others, she’s sick of Kanye’s crap.

We can definitely relate.

Come to think of it, we’re sure Kim can relate, too.