Conrad Hilton: Covered In Vomit, Hits Yet ANOTHER Car

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Conrad Hilton is in trouble with the law once again.

Conrad Hilton Roybal Federal Building 2015

According to People Magazine, Hilton crashed head-on into Kelly Auld's car back in May, and Auld has filed a lawsuit against the 22-year-old for battery, assault, negligence and negligent entrustment of an automobile

Court documents show that Hilton's white Range Rover drifted her lane after side-swiping another car.

"Conrad Hilton, III has a well-documented history of drug abuse, alcohol problems, abusive and outrageous conduct, and most significantly, extremely dangerous driving," the documents state.

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"He does not belong behind the wheel of an automobile, and he knows this or reasonably should know this."

One witness, TMZ reports, claims to have seen Hilton throw a bong out his window.

Auld saw Hilton "in the driver's seat with his hands held above his head and a dazed look on his face," before swerving into her car.

Hilton tried to leave the scene, but was blocked by another vehicle.  

Conrad Hilton Poses With Sister, Paris

Auld said that when Hilton got out of the car, he was "covered in vomit and appeared to be dazed and confused."

The best part?  She did her homework and found that Hilton had just appeared in court to reckless driving and wasn't allowed to drive

"On May 18, 2016, just one day before Conrad's above-described assault and battery," the court documents state.

"He had pled guilty to a felony charge of reckless evading of a police officer – a charge that stemmed from his outrageous conduct of driving more than 100 mph on the freeway and crashing his car into the center median.

"Notably this incident of outrageous and reckless driving came on the heels of another incident wherein Conrad had slammed his car into a vehicle while allegedly driving drunk through the streets of Los Angeles."

Hilton has a history of arrests, and was sentenced to two months in jail in June for violating probation.

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