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Baylee Curran’s name is everywhere right now for getting Chris Brown arrested. 

Curran was at Chris Brown’s home on August 30, but things took a terrifying turn when an argument broke out. 

Chris allegedly waved a gun at the beauty pageant winner when things got out of hand. 

Baylee Curran Pic

It resulted in a tense standoff as police waited hours for Chris to surrender himself to them. 

Chris also threw a duffel bag out a window with guns and drugs in it. 

The rapper even took to Instagram to claim the whole thing was blown out of proportion. 

To an extent, it was, but he should not be waving guns at people. 

Baylee has opened up about her ordeal, placing the blame on Brown. 

Baylee Curran on Chris Brown: He Knows What He Did!

It appears that Baylee has been in a lot of trouble this year for not adhering to the requirements of being Miss California Regional 2016.

Pretty much as soon as she was crowned, nude pictures of her were sent to the pageant director. 

This caused a lot of drama for her, but Curran was quick to rule the nudes as fake. 

After going at it with the pageant director, Curran was given one more chance. 

As you can probably guess, Baylee blew that chance. 

Curran continued to screw up and deceived the pageant director. 

She didn’t even show up to any the scheduled events she was meant to go to as Miss California Regional. 

The last straw appears to have been when she ditched an event, but was tagged in pictures frolicking in a boat. 

That’s hardly model behavior. 

Baylee was allegedly rude when the director asked for the crown back. 

"You’re the director. You can make or bend the rules. I’m keeping the crown and we can move on."

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