Kim Kardashian: How Did She Shade Taylor Swift Now?!?

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Based on her sex tape with Ray J, we know Kim Kardashian can take it.

As we're now learning more and more, however, Kim Kardashian can also give it.

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A week ago, of course, Kardashian shared a number of Snapchat videos that featured Kanye West on the phone with Taylor Swift.

The latter may have been aware that she was being recorded, but there's no way she was aware that Kim would eventually release the filmed call on social media.

It revealed Swift to have been less than forthcoming about whether or not she knew Kanye would diss her in his track "Famous."

On the call, we actually hear Swift approve of West's lyric regarding how he thinks the two former goes "might still have sex."

In case you missed this story last week, take a look at the damning evidence against Swift below:

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On Sunday night, however, one could not watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians online or on television.

There was no new episode this week.

Therefore, with Kim unable to keep throwing shade at Swift on her TV program, she turned to a different outlet instead.

Kardashian went ahead and shared several more Snapchats during her night at the Hakkasan nightclub in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Friday… but one in particular stood out. 

It depicted her and friend Carla DiBello dancing and singing to Kanye’s “Famous,” as Kim posted footage of her singing the following lyric:

I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous. I made that bitch famous.

Kim eventually deleted the video from her account, but it will live on forever due to the Internet.

Was this another jab thrown at Taylor by Kim? It seems impossible to believe otherwise, doesn't it?

The reality star looked calm and collected, while DiBello covered her mouth after the words "I made that bitch famous" were sang.

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Swift claims she never approved the part about how she's a "bitch" who West "made famous." And it's true.

We never hear that lyric discussed during the aforementioned phone call... and it's clearly the meanest part of the track.

What's being overlooked here, meanwhile, is that Kim somehow thinks that her husband rapping about HAVING SEX WITH ANOTHER WOMAN is an insult to that other woman.

Can anyone explain why this would be the case?

Think about what you're singing here, Kim. Are you sure Taylor Swift is the one who should feel stupid?

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