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It’s not enough that we are our own toughest critic.  

Having your husband or boyfriend offer up their opinion on how you look is not only unsolicited, it does damage to your emotional well-being.

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Judging by the way Kanye West treats Kim Kardashian, I choose not to believe this story about his insistence that she lose weight.

Then again, maybe I’m giving West too much credit.

Radar Online reportedly has the gossip on West’s discontent over Kardashian’s size.

"Kim was feeling so self-conscious on the Fourth of July that she did not want to go to any parties," a source told the publication.

"She and Kanye have been fighting non-stop."

Ok, we ladies are entitled to have those types of days.

"Kanye keeps pressuring Kim to lose her weight and he has been telling her that she really needs to get back to her ‘old self,’" the source said.

Ok, not cool.

"He always talks about how hot her body used to be.

"Of course Kim is bitter at him for it. He is fat-shaming her!"

If you’ve been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians since season one, you’re aware that the 35-year-old is very self-conscious when it comes to her appearance.

"Kim is always talking about how fat she is now," a source said, adding that she "does not know how to diet properly."

The source also claims that West’s criticisms have pushed Kardashian to hire help.

"After all of this, she is going to be using a personal chef to help her get back to her old weight."

Actually, Kardashian already has a trainer, and she’s the spokeswoman for the Atkins diet, which she got on after giving birth to Saint West in December 2015.

In fact, Kardashian made a cameo in Fergie’s latest music video for her single, "M.I.L.F $."

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"She’s been working out twice a day, cardio and then a class like Pilates," a source told E! News of Kardashian’s pre-music video routine.

"And she’s doing a very strict Atkins plan, eating about 20 grams of carbs a day. She’s really happy with the results."