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They are definitely together, but that’s not what has people talking.

Jenny Slate Chris Evans Split
Photo via Mike Coppola/Getty Images, Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for FIJI Water

The timing of Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s coupling is being called into question, considering it happened right before Slate announced a separation from her husband of four years, Dean Fleischer-Camp.

Sources tell Star Magazine that Evans and Slate started getting cozy on the set of 2017’s Gifted, and they did a poor job of hiding it.

“Jenny’s feelings for Chris seemed to evolve quickly to more than just platonic," a set insider told the tabloid.

“Some people even said they felt bad for Jenny’s husband the one time he visited the set. She didn’t seem too enthusiastic about Dean being there, and he probably sensed the chemistry between his wife and Chris.”

Fleisher-Camp directed and co-wrote Slate’s hugely famous short, Marcel The Shell With Shoes On.

A source told Us Weekly that the couple drifted apart towards the end of their marriage, made all the more obvious by her chemistry with Evans, a fellow Massachusetts native.

“It certainly has the appearance of Chris and Jenny’s relationship having contributed to her marriage crumbling – and I’m sure Jenny would just like to sweep it under the rug,” another source told Star.

Evans’ rep was quick to point out that he and Evans didn’t start dating until April, after she and Fleischer-Camp split, but before their announcement.

Evans accompanied Slate to the premiere of The Secret Life of Pets, but managed to escape the red carpet before Slate did interviews.

“Jenny and Chris walked the carpet together, but he fled the scene when she was being interviewed because it was obvious he did not want to answer questions about their relationship.”

Fleischer-Camp’s heart might be broken, but true love lives on!  At least some of Slate’s friends seem to think so.

"Maybe something good will come from all of this. Maybe Chris and Jenny were meant for each other – and if that’s the case, who’s to say they shouldn’t be happy together?”

What is this, Angelina and Brad 2.0?