Demi Lovato Chooses Side in Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian Clash

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Demi Lovato has chosen a side in the ongoing, epic, red hot feud between Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

And the team she has chosen to align herself with may surprise you.

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First, a quick refresher:

Several weeks ago, Kanye West released a track titled "Famous."

Among the lyrics in this song were lines taking aim at Swift, as Kanye referred to Taylor as a "bitch," said he made her famous and added that the singers "might still have sex."

Soon after the song went public, Swift came out and slammed Kanye, saying she never approved of such sexist lyrics.

A couple months later, however, in an interview with GQ, Kardashian calls BS on Swift's claim, telling the magazine that Swift was made very much aware of what the song was going to say.

Moreover, Swift gave the controversial lyrics her blessing.

Then, on Sunday night, in case any doubt remained, Kim actually released a phone call she recorded back in the day of West running the lyrics by Swift.

As you can see below, Taylor gave the references to her full approval.

A video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Kim's release of this video has escalated her feud with Swift to Defcon 5-like levels.

Swift has threatened to sue Kardashian and West because it's illegal to record a phone conversation in California with the permission of all involved.

She has also issued a statement in which she calls out Kimye for trying to destroy her character.

It reads as follows:

taylor reply

In response to Hollywood's biggest rivalry, Selena Gomez has come out and taken the side of her Best Friend Forever.

She wishes people out there would focus on issues slightly more important than who said what between a pop singer and a sex tape star.

"There are more important things to talk about..." Gomez tweeted. "Why can't people use their voice for something that f-cking matters?"

Now, back to Demi Lovato:

She has not directly weighed in on the Kim and Taylor drama, but she has referenced someone else's thoughts on the matter.

As someone with a tumultuous history with Swift, the artist expressed her opinion by liking a tweet that proclaimed, "I love Kim Kardashian."

Back in February, Lovato called out Swift as a "fake feminist" because she said the singer spent too much time talking about issues and not taking any actual action.

On the flip side, Lovato has credited Kardashian in the past for serving as a role model to curvy women.

So this quasi endorsement should not come as a surprise.

Other celebrities who have jumped in to the debate on social media include Justin Bieber, who seemingly brought it up on Instagram when he wrote "less hate, more love" and, of course, Khloe Kardashian.

Following last night's episode of her family's reality series, she defended her big sister in a series of tweets, writing:

"Kim is a savage! Don't f--k with her man hunni #KUWTK."

It is SO on, people. And we have no idea when it will be off between these two superstars.

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