Keeping Up with the Kardashians Recap: So Much Swift Shade!

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Taylor Swift was a hot topic on the July 17, 2016 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. 

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1. Kim Still Loves Herself

Kim Still Loves Herself
Kim continued to cause controversy with her racy photos on social media, but she vowed that she would never stop. A Kardashian never gives up.

2. Kanye's Feud With Taylor

Kanye's Feud With Taylor
Scott enquired about Kanye's feud with Taylor. Kim then went and revealed that Taylor is acting like she didn't know about it, but she did. She then revealed that Kanye always has videographers around with him when he's recording an album and that his conversation with Taylor was recorded. Kim follows this up with the observation that Taylor never realized it would create the controversy it did and flipped.

3. Kanye Does NOT Like To Be Recorded Trashing Taylor

Kanye Does NOT Like To Be Recorded Trashing Taylor
The plot thickened when Kim got a call from Kanye's publicist who let her in on the shock revelation that Kanye was recorded when he was annoyed with Taylor. Kanye was quick to check if it was illegal, but Kim declared that it was not. Kanye then quickly sided with his wife and said he would follow her lead. Kim says she'll chat to the team and get back to him. Let's hope that isn't a dig at Taylor conferring with her team.

4. Kylie's Faux Stalker Moment

Kylie's Faux Stalker Moment
Kylie's stalker is free, but Khloe and Kourtney felt like their sister wasn't taking her situation serious enough, so they got her car decorated with balloons that have pictures of her face. She was so not impressed.

5. Is Khloe Scared Of Taylor?

Is Khloe Scared Of Taylor?
Khloe and Kourtney were wondering what they should do if they bumped into Taylor, so they got on the phone with Kim. Kim revealed the reason for the line in the video. They then agreed to stay out of it, but Khloe noted that she knows how it feels to have a loved one trashed in the media. She then asked Taylor Swift fans not to hate on her. Yikes.

6. Fergie's New Video

Fergie's New Video
Kim took part in the filming of Fergie's "M.I.L.F. $" music video. All of the ladies looked pretty great!

7. Kim Stands By Her Man

Kim Stands By Her Man
Kim chatted about the GQ comments about Taylor. Kourtney was very much on Team Kimye. Kim made it clear that she doesn't like trashing people, but she also doesn't like her man's name being dragged constantly through the mud. She notes that Kanye always speaks his mind.

8. Kourtney Apologizes

Kourtney Apologizes
Kourtney felt bad about scaring Kylie, so she apologizes. Kylie accepts and makes it clear she takes the threats seriously, but doesn't want it to change her life.

9. Kim Is NOT Calling Taylor

Kim Is NOT Calling Taylor
Kris tried to catch on to the Taylor Swift gravy train and tried to get Kim to call her, but Kim was having none of it.

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