Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 9 Recap: The Vacation Erupts

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On Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 9, the Browns' big Hawaiian vacationed turned out to be MUCH more stressful than anyone anticipated.

Who are we kidding, obviously it would be stressful.

Appropriately titled "Hawaiian Vacation Erupts," Sister Wives Season 7 Episode 9 saw all kinds of ISH hit the fan with Kody and kompany.

Fights over parking cars, where to put the beach umbrella, and so on down the line clearly represented much bigger problems overall.

Isn't that typically how it works on vacay?

Somewhat ironically, yet entirely logically, the Browns hadn’t stayed together in one house or under the same roof in a long ass time.

Hey, when dad has four wives to live with, by definition he’s not around all that much, no matter of he's the head of the family or not.

Nevertheless, Kody Brown wanted all to acknowledge that he is in charge here, no matter what - he's leading the family and that's that.

Well, except for Maddie Brown planning her wedding. She was basically in charge of that and Kody was his usual apathetic self really.

Heck, when Madison told her father that she and Caleb wanted him to marry them, he basically said okay, he'd do it. Nothing emotional.

Not surprisingly, she was a little let down.

Meanwhile, Kody and Meri attempted to figure out where their romance went wrong, and whether they could get back on the right path.

Can they? Did they get anywhere?

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