Meri Brown: LYING About Catfish Relationship?!

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If you watch Sister Wives online, then you're no doubt aware that one of the major storylines this season centered around Meri Brown's experience with a predatory catfish.

If you were hoping Meri, Kody, and the rest of the polygamous gang would delve deeper into the whole catfish mess on Sunday night's reunion show, boy, were you in luck!

In the clip above, Meri claims that she "never crossed a line" with her deceptive online beau - but she also admits that she told him that she loves him.

Asked why she used the L word in her conversations (yet still maintains that she never cheated), Meri gets evasive:

"I felt for this person who I thought was a person," she says.

"I cared about who I thought she was portraying him to be. Because I have a trusting heart and a loving heart."


She's basically making it sound like she was tricked into opening up emotionally, which is true in a sense, but despite her regrets, this person was a real person, and Meri said the things that she said.

Kody seems skeptical throughout her interview, and later in the episode, Meri's daughter, Mariah, seems to have her doubts as well:

"I think she wants me to work through it fast, so that we can figure this out fast, and so it can be done with," Mariah says.

"But I'm just not there yet."

Everyone seems to agree that Meri just wants to move on from this whole thing as quickly as possible.

Can't blame her for that, but they also seem to believe that she's being less than completely honest about the situation.

In a way it seems like Meri believes that the fact that this person she was talking to turned out to be a catfish somehow absolves her of any wrongdoing.

We can't help but feel there's something about this situation that she's still keeping to herself.

Obviously, a Catfish crossover episode is in order so that Nev and Max can get to the bottom of this thing.

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