Kylie Jenner Takes Top Off to Promote Lip Kit

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Yesterday, Kylie Jenner's nipples made an appearance on Instagram to help promote a new shade of her now-famous lip kit.

Today, Kylie is inching her way closer to nudity in an effort to bring more attention to Kylie's "black metal matte" lipstick, "Majesty."

Kylie Jenner: Semi-Topless Boob Grab Photo

Yes, the girl makes Don Draper look like ... some guy who doesn't know a lot about advertising?

We should really think these analogies through before we start them.

Anyway, it's certainly true that Kylie's boobs are not a new sight, but this time she's busting out her girls for a different reason.

In the past, Kylie has made big bucks getting semi-nude to advertise other people's products, but this time she's promoting her own overpriced crap.

So ... progress? Girl power?

We're not really sure what you'd call it, but the way her lip kits keep selling out, you can be sure you'll see more semi nude pitchwoman Kylie in the very near future.

Look, by most accounts, the "kits" (They're lipstick, right? Can we just call them lipstick?) aren't all they're cracked up to be.

So you really can't blame Kylie for doing a semi-topless boob grab to distract from that little inconvenient truth.

Or maybe you can.

Maybe you think the lip kits and the campaign to sell them are a perfect metaphor for Kylie herself: All sizzle, no steak.

But hey, at least she's out they're hustling.

And it's not like she's going to the same lengths as her big sister Kim. 

Well, not yet, anyway.

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