Kylie Jenner Debuts Patriotic Lip Kit Colors

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Oh say, Kylie Jenner see...

... many profits that she can make off of America's birthday?

Kylie Jenner: Freedom!

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has debuted two new shades from her strangely popular Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, both of which are variations of blue and both of which will be available by July Fourth.

Above, for example, Kylie is modeling "Freedom," a deep navy shade with silver undertones.

Yes, she is really calling it "Freedom."

There's also "Skylie," an electric light blue that matches Jenner’s Ferrari.

Yes, she is really calling is "Skylie." And she is explaining why as follows, via a Snapchat video:

“My car gave me a little inspo for this exclusive Fourth of July color that I love so much."

After giving followers these early glimpses at the colors, Jenner shared a social media photo that depicted each one, adding as a caption:

“My new children, Freedom and Skylie."

colors drying

Jenner, of course, is constantly updating her catalog of colors.

Last month, she released KyMajesty and Dead of Knight, which are both black matte glosses, though KyMajesty has a metallic finish.

Take a look at them here:

Have you purchased options from the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit?

Are you trying to base your look on this 18-year old reality star and lining her pockets with lots of money in the process?

If so, we have one question that we hope you don't mind us asking. And it is this:


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