Kendall Jenner Chops Off Hair, Debuts New Look!

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Big news in the hair world today, guys.

Kendall Jenner has cut it all off!!!

Okay, not all of it. But she did cut it.

On Friday, the model shared this pic of her newly sheared locks to Snapchat:

Kendall Jenner Cuts Hair

As you can see, she included the scream emoji due to the shocking nature of this new development.

Prior to this courageous move, Kendall had worn her hair at about mid-back level, as appears to be required of most supermodels.

But she's now cut several inches and her tresses fall just past her shoulders, qualifying the new 'do as "lob" (as in, "long bob," get it?).

You can take a moment if you need it.

You breathing? OK.

While Kendall treated fans to a glimpse of the lower half of her hair and face, they felt somewhat cheated.

We want to see the hair from root to end - accompanied by a pair of eyes and a nose to boot! They shouted. Well, we're fairly sure they shouted.

And now we have it. Behold:

Kendall Jenner Haircut

Yes, that's Kendall, hardly recognizable.

Yes, she forgot to button her top, and no, we have no idea what the deal is with the glasses.

If you're also wondering how on earth she'll ever form her strands into hearts and win the most-liked Instagram photo contest now, I'm afraid we don't have answers.

But Kendall might have some master plan in store, or perhaps we should call it a prophecy, because did you hear?

Kendall Jenner is totally psychic.

And with that, I'm out.

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