Kendall Jenner: I'm Totally PSYCHIC!!

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I predict some eye rolls might come from the audience after reading this.

But you never know, because I'm not psychic, although Kendall Jenner claims she is.

Kendall Jenner in Cannes

Yep, the model believes she has the gift, and she told fans all about it on her website.

"I swear, I've had a keen sense of perception since I was a kid. I've just always had really good intuition," she explained.

"I've actually even been told by like seven psychics that I'M psychic!" she continued. 

"There's a way you learn how to navigate this crazy world, and I really base it on my gut feelings."

Seven psychics, that's really saying something.

I'm pretty sure you can get out of psychic class if seven psychics tell you you're psychic.

Do you think they meant "psychotic?"

I kid.

Kendall also claimed she has trouble trusting people initially, possibly because the celestial bodies on the other side portend danger.

“I don’t trust people right off the bat, but once you’re in my inner circle, I’m extremely loyal and open—a lot like a cat!” she wrote.

In addition to her talents with ESP, Kendall is showcasing her mastery of the written word in a new sci-fi book entitled Time of the Twins, which she penned with sister Kylie Jenner.

The novel is a follow-up to their first book, Rebels: City of Indra and ohmygodicantpretendthisisseriousanymoreijustcant.

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