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Future has dropped his lawsuit against Ciara. 

The whole reason he was suing her was because she sued him after he opened up about her parenting skills. 

Future Performs In Austin, Texas
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You don’t call someone a bad mom and expect to get away with it. 

Ciara sought $15 million in her lawsuit against her former flame. 

It now appears that Future has had a change of heart and wants to be more civil about the matter. 

For a start, he is now getting him more time with his son. He recently scored joint custody of the child.

Future has obviously realized that his son is worth way more than throwing lawsuits around. 

The artist now wants to calm things down with Ciara. 

He is scared at the prospect of her pressing on with her efforts to restrict his custodial rights. 

There’s every possibility that Ciara could continue to pursue sole rights to their child, but at least it won’t be without Future’s lawsuit. 

Ciara’s lawsuit against Future is still very much in play. 

She’s still seeking $15 million for him saying she’s a bad mom. 

There’s no indication that she’s going to pull her lawsuit, so Future best be saving his money in case she wins the case. 

There’s still time for Ciara to have a change of heart. 

The ball is very much in her court at this stage. 

What do you think of all of it?

Is Ciara right to continue her case against her ex?

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