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Whoa, Chris Rock. What you got against Selena Gomez?

Selena Instagram Pic

The comedian is constantly cracking jokes, and the butt of his latest is Ms. Gomez.

Rock recently posted a meme that includes a photo of the singer in a gold bodysuit and reads, “When you buy your formation tickets on craigslist.”

Selena Gomez Meme Posted by Chris Rock

“Formation,” of course, is the name of Beyonce’s latest album and tour.

Queen Bey is also loves to rock bodysuits during stage performances, so Rock seems to imply that Selena is some kind of lesser version of the “Formation” singer.

“This is true,” he tweeted alongside the meme.

Pretty harsh. Admittedly kinda funny, though.

The simple tweet unleashed an all-out war between Selena and Beyonce fans alike.

“This is literally so stupid im so pissed! I’d go see Selena over Beyonce anyday,” wrote one SelGo supporter.

Naturally, the Beyhive was on alert as well.

“Selena can’t sing. Don’t compare her to beyonce,” wrote one member.

And, of course, Rock took some heat himself.

“When nobody will buy your stand up comedy tickets so you come on Twitter to slander someone more successful than you,” wrote one angry fan.

Selena has not responded to the tweet herself, but she is currently on tour promoting her “Revival” album and not thinking about Justin Bieber.

Rock was recently taken to task for a far more offensive joke during the 2016 Academy Awards, when he brought three Asian kids to the stage and joked about them being accountants and also child laborers.