Brandi Glanville: I Found Out My Husband Was Cheating From a Tabloid!

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At this point, the details of the Tragedy of Eddie and Brandi are as well known in celebrity gossip circles as anything old Bill Shakespeare ever put down on paper.

Brandi Glanville: 2016 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day

But in case you're hazy on the details, allow us to lead you on a trip down cheating memory lane:

It all started when Eddie left home to film a Lifetime movie in Canada.

His co-star was LeAnn Rimes, who was in her mid-twenties but already all but washed up at the time. (Did we mention she was filming a Lifetime movie in Canada?)

Eddie and LeAnn hooked up and wound up getting married and starring in one of the worst reality shows in history.

These days Brandi is talking things out with Dean Sheremet (LeAnn's ex-husband, who also got cheated on), and she's proven that she's able to laugh about the situation.

Shockingly, Brandi has even buried the hatchet with LeAnn for the sake of her two kids with Eddie.

But some wounds never heal completely, and when Brandi sat to talk about her husband's infidelity while filming her new reality show, it was clear that the subject remained a very sensitive one:

One of the ugliest details of the affair is the fact that Brandi found out Eddie was cheating because the news was plastered on the front of a supermarket tabloid, a moment she recalls in excruciating detail in the clip above:

"I trusted him completely and fully," she says. "Then I went to visit him on a movie set and for the first time I felt like something was going on with the person that he was acting with.

"That morning I get a call from a bitchy mom that I'm not really friends with and she's like, 'Have you seen the cover of US Weekly?'"

The tabloid/"bitchy mom" combo is not the best way to get bad news. 

Fortunately, these days Brandi is banging a famous dude and an Uber driver, so we think it's safe to say she's enjoying the single life.

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