Blac Chyna Delivery Room Guest List Revealed: Who's In & Who's OUT?!

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As you've probably heard by now, Blac Chyna is pregnant with Rob Kardashian's baby.

Not surprisingly, she's already reaping the benefits of carrying the offspring of the sole male heir to the Kardashian empire.

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Chat With E! On The Red Carpet

If this were Game of Thrones we imagine the sigil of House Kardashian would feature a video camera and a silhouette of Ray J's dong.

Anyway, sources say Rob and Blac have started filming their reality show.

There are even reports that they've worked out a 7-figure deal for a televised wedding.

But there's more to getting knocked up by Rob than just financial reward.

Blac now wields a considerable amount of clout amongst her former rivals, Rob's sisters.

And according to Radar Online, she's already flexing her muscle by drawing up a list of who will be allowed in her delivery room on the big day.

Perhaps more importantly, she's also making it clear that certain members of the family definitely will not be allowed to witness the miracle of Chyna increasing the population (though they can probably watch a few weeks later on E!).

“It’s so typical of her, but she’s seriously compiling a list of those family members she wants banned from the hospital,” says one insider.

The anonymous friend tells Radar that Kylie Jenner will most definitely not be allowed in.

Rob's mom and other sisters, however, may make the final cut:

“She’s really leaning on Kim right now and wants her and Kanye to be godparents, so Kim’s definitely on the ‘welcome’ list."

Amazingly, the source says the guest list is just the beginning of Blac's diva behavior:

“Blac’s talking about what kind of security she wants at the hospital and now Rob’s been joking about setting up a velvet rope outside the delivery room!” 

Oh, it;s good that you can laugh about Blac's demanding ways now, Rob.

We'll check in on you again after the first few weeks of diaper duty.

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