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Blac Chyna shared another pic of her baby bump to Instagram, which means it’s time to drum up another feud between her and Rob Kardashian’s sisters!

This time, Blac’s catching flak for a maternity number she chose to wear.

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She sported a figure-hugging white bodycon dress underneath a beige coat – and OMG KIM DID THAT ONCE, TOO!

The horror. The indignity!

Let’s go ahead and peep Kim’s look, because why the hell not.

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Cripes, it’s uncanny.

But wait, there’s another one.

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The very idea that Blac is wearing a getup reminiscent of anything Kim has already worn undoubtedly chaps the selfie queen’s hide, and we anticipate she’ll clap back with a nude selfie or something and then Blac will respond in kind.

Or not. Who knows.

It’s possible this just happens to be the latest in maternity chic and that’s what Blac’s stylist handed to her that day.

But regardless of shade or no shade thrown, Kim and Blac are reportedly trying to patch up their friendship now that they’re about to become sisters-in-law and will have to buy each other Christmas gifts.

Kim and Blac are said to be gabbing about pregnancy and motherhood.

But while Kim is working hard to lose the baby weight she gained while carrying her son Saint, Blac is reportedly trying to pack on the pounds.

“My goal is to gain, like, 100 pounds this pregnancy. Imma tear it up, then Imma snap back,” she said.

Alrighty, Blac. Bon appetit.