Ben Affleck on F Bomb-Filled Interview: #SorryNotSorry!

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Ben Affleck is really f-cking angry at the NFL over suspending Tom Brady for four games.

And he doesn't give a flying f-ck who knows it.

Ben Affleck is Angry

On Wednesday night, Affleck appeared as a guest on the premiere episode of Any Given Wednesday.

Sitting across from host Bill Simmons, Affleck was asked about the scandal known as Deflategate, a topic that just won't go away for some reason.

After initially having his suspension (for allegedly inflating footballs over league-mandated levels) overturned by a judge last season, Brady will have to sit out the opening quartet of games for the Patriots this fall.

Many familiar with the case believe Commissioner Roger Goodell is on some sort of witch hunt against the star quarterback.

And you can definitely count Affleck as being in this group.

“Deflategate is the ultimate bullsh-t f-cking outrage of sports,” Affleck seethed to open the segment.

He then went on to drop about 18 F Bombs over the course of the interview.

“They haven’t done anything to address this crisis of domestic violence in the NFL, but the f-cking football better not be eight percent lighter,” Affleck said to Simmons, a fellow Boston native.

He added:

"If the NFL really knew how to test for steroids, there’d be no f-cking NFL."

Check out the full interview above and perhaps you'll be able to understand why some out there think Affleck was drunk for the Q&A.

The guy sounds off his rocker!

But Affleck said in a follow-up Tweet that he was simply fired up about a subject close to his heart. And he ain't sorry!

"For those of you keeping score at home, I gave exactly 18 f*cks about my Pats," Affleck Tweeted on Thursday.

"Upon reflection, 12 probably would have been sufficient.

"We Boston fans have always been known for our subtlety. One of my favorite interviews; hope you get to see the entire episode. #GoPats."

Simmons also had the back of his fellow fan.

"BTW - we taped AGW in the late-AM, Ben got fired up about DeflateGate during the convo, that's it," the former ESPN employee Tweeted, adding:

"We Boston fans have always been known for our subtlety. One of my favorite interviews; hope you get to see the entire episode. #GoPats."

What do you think? Was Affleck, who has some mean things to say about Jennifer Garner, totally wasted?

Or it Deflategate an absurd enough topic that it's easy to understand how someone can be sober and still be this angry over it?

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