Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Sales: Off the Hook Again Thanks to 'Ye!

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Rumors of a second Kim Kardashian sex tape, this time starring her rapper husband Kanye West, have made the online rounds for years.

That's not happening, but this is the next best thing ...

Bolstered by the controversial Kanye "Famous" video, which features a naked Kim likeness, people evidently want to see the real deal.

Yes, despite being nearly a decade old at this point, and kind of boring overall, the Kim Kardashian sex tape continues to be a top seller. 

Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch summed it up best:

"Despite all of the controversy surrounding Kanye West’s 'Famous' video it may be the new favorite for Vivid Entertainment."

The reason for this being? Does he even have to explain?

"With all of the publicity that [the Kim sex tape] is getting in the coverage of 'Famous,' Vivid is seeing a spike in sales for the movie."

The businessman adds, “We should hire Kanye as our Head of Marketing. He single handedly increased our sales by over 50 percent.”

Wow. People really want to see just how Ray J hit it first.

Clearly, reaction to Kanye's nude opus has been mixed.

While Lena Dunham calls it disgusting, Hirsch calls it money in the bank how Kanye has made his wife's sexploits "Famous" yet again.

Perhaps that was the goal of his "performance art."

One can only imagine how sales might have similarly spiked if there were a previously existing Taylor Swift or George W. Bush sex tape.

Alas, we will never be able to answer that hypothetical.

In any case, Give West credit as one of the great creative thinkers and marketers of his time ... even if his rapping has declined precipitously.

As for Ray J, he was reached for comment earlier this week following the release of Kanye's naked celebrity-fest (see video above).

What did he have to say about the while fiasco?

Not a lot, although one of his "associates" had some choice words for 'Ye that involve Kimberly performing certain intimate acts on him.

While himself a rapper of sorts, he will primarily, or exclusively, be known as Kim's sensual co-star for as long as he walks this Earth.

We can't imagine Ray J is too upset, though.

Why? Because royalties. Remember, he's getting paid too ... and has anyone ever made more money from banging one's girlfriend once?

Think about it.

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