Vicki Gunvalson Brags About Boyfriend Steve Lodge ALL Over Instagram

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Woohoo for love!

Vicki Gunvalson and Her New Boyfriend Watch a Baseball Game With Her Family

There are so many references we can make to Vicki Gunvalson's love tank, amiright?

What was once empty (Don), then full again (Brooks Ayers) was left empty again for a time.  Until now.

I don't know if it's because she's a pseudo celebrity or because she thinks it's important to let the world know that she has found love again, but Gunvalson has been gushing about her new boyfriend via Instagram for awhile now.

Us Weekly did a little digging and found out that Gunvalson's new bae is a retired police officer, but is gainfully employed as a consultant at an Anaheim, CA public affairs firm.

Lodge was a homicide detective before retiring from the force, and a served as a paratrooper in the military.  Gunvalson's son-in-law, Ryan currently serves in the United States Army, so she may be dating someone that he doesn't totally hate.

Gunvalson uses the hashtags "#politician" and "#retiredlawenforcement" because, according to Huffington Post, Lodge ran for Anaheim City Council in 2012.

"After meeting this amazing man 1 month ago today, he surprised me with my 2nd set of roses in a week Date night #10 ....I think. #fun, #happy, #lovescountry, #politician, #retiredlawenforcement, #helikesme."

The aftermath of Gunvalson's tumultuous relationship with Brooks Ayers is featured in the new trailer for season 11 (premiering June 20th at 9pm).

In one scene from the trailer, Gunvalson is filmed leaving a heartfelt message for Ayers, who hijacked last season with his faux cancer storyline.

"Brooks, this is Vicki. I believe you, and I love you," the insurance company owner said into the phone.

When that scene was filmed is anyone's guess, but Gunvalson and Ayers have been over for awhile now.

"I’m guilty of loving him and believing him. Who hasn’t believed someone that you loved?”” Gunvalson asked during last season's reunion. 

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