The Voice Results: And Then There Were 8!

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Following The Voice results of the previous three weeks, only nine singers remained heading into Tuesday's intense elimination program. 

Nine singers ... soon to be only eight. Just eight.

Oh yes, the competition hits the stretch run, it's getting much, much harder to stay on the program, and oh, we ain't seen nothin' yet.

As you know, Christina, Pharrell, Adam and Blake could only sit back, watch, hope, pray and urge Voice fans to back the right people.

Did they? Let's break down The Voice results ...

Declared SAFE based on America's votes:

Hannah Huston

Bryan Bautista

Adam Wakefield

Laith Al-Saadi

Mary Sarah

Alisan Porter

Shalyah Fearing

Seven down and one to go, with eighth and ninth place iTunes sales and overall votes landing Paxton Ingram and Nick Hagelin in danger.

A distant eighth and ninth among their competitors in terms of singles sales, they duked it out for a last-minute reprieve and Twitter Save.

Paxton Ingram won it going away.

Fare thee well, Nick Hagelin. Fare thee well. And get ready to see FOUR of the eight remaining singers be cut on next week's episode.

Oh yes. The bloodbath cometh.

Well? What did you think of The Voice results? Did America get it right this week? Are you happy with who is still in the Season 10 hunt?

Moreover, which singer do you think will carry enough of America's votes the rest of the way and ultimately be named ... THE VOICE?

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