Scott Disick Better Stop Drinking… OR ELSE!

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Scott Disick supposedly lost Kourtney Kardashian last year because he drank way too much.

(It didn't help, of course, that Disick also drank way too much with an ex-girlfriend at the time.)

Sweet Scott Disick

But now those close to the self-proclaimed Lord are afraid he may lose something even more valuable if he continues down this alcohol-fueled past:

His liver or his kidney.

As the National Kidney Foundation has tried to remind everyone as often as it can, chronic alcohol consumption can cause liver and kidney dysfunction.

And a source tells Us Weekly that Scott is on the verge of this major health problem.

“He’s been sick for awhile, and his drinking is making it worse,” says the insider of Disick, adding:

“He’s been told numerous times that if he doesn’t stop, he’ll need a liver transplant or dialysis.”

Disick is typically an easy target to mock, especially when he does really dumb stuff, but this is no joking matter.

If the reality star's drinking problem truly has gotten this far out of hand, someone needs to step in and help. The guy is a father of three.

Despite numerous rehab stints over the last few years - the most recent being at the luxury center Cliffside Malibu in October - Disick remains an active member of the club circuit.

He's always sharing Instagram photos of himself at some party or on some private jet.

Look at him here, getting down in Cannes with Tyga. That was just this week!

Back in California, everyone form Kourtney to Khloe to Kim Kardashian is aware of Scott's antics.

“The family is appalled and concerned by his drinking," Us Weekly writes.

But will they do anything about it?

Will they intervene on the near future?

Or will they watch Disick wither and die? Those are the questions, people.

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