Sarah Snyder: Jaden Smith's Girlfriend Does Drugs, Drops N-Bombs on Instagram

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It was back in October of 2015 that we first reported about Jaden Smith's girlfriend, Sarah Snyder, and it wasn't because she's such a fine, upstanding young lady.

At the time Snyder was facing jail time for a $16,000 Hermes handbag and enjoyed showing the world what a total badass she is by rocking a t-shirt with her mug shot on it:

Sarah Snyder Photo

Not surprisingly, she got off with a slap on the wrist (The rich are different from you and me. Their kids are brattier.), and now she's back on social media showing the world that she's the rebel to end all rebels.

KylieAndJaden, an Instagram page that seems to exist for the sole purpose of 'shipping - you guessed it - Kylie and Jaden (and flaming Sarah) has posted evidence of Snyder engaging in some activities that Will and Jada would likely not approve of.

And we ain't talking about flipping the bird and talking about how much After Earth sucked.

No, we're talking more along the lines of popping Xanax by the handful and smoking weed:

There was another video that showed Sarah snorting coke, but it's been removed from IG.

Oh, and then there's this lovely comment that Snyder posted on a friend's photo:

Sarah Snyder N-Word Post

Will and Jada are known as being pretty lenient parents (Read: They let their kids do whatever the hell they want.), but we imagine they're not huge fans of Jaden's new boo. 

The funny thing is that there are some young Jaden fans out there who flipped their lids when rumors that Smith was dating Kylie Jenner began to circulate online.

Well, we hope they're happy with the way things turned out.

Now it seems he's getting serious with Snyder, a girl who makes Kylie look like Mother Teresa.

Our hats off to the guy if this is just a masterful way of trolling his fans.

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