Sarah Snyder: Jaden Smith's Girlfriend Faces Jail Time?!

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No one knows exactly how long Jaden Smith and 19-year-old model Sarah Snyder have been dating, but prosecutors in New York might soon throw a serious monkey wrench in their relationship.

Back in June, Sarah was arrested for allegedly stealing a $16,000 Hermes handbag from an upscale boutique.

Those closest to Sarah are reportedly concerned that she's not taking the charges seriously, and they may have a point.

Here she is wearing a t-shirt with her mug shot on it in a photo that she posted to Instagram:

Sarah Snyder Photo

Most young women in Sarah's position would strike a plea deal, but Snyder's lawyer announced this week that she'll be taking her chances in court. 

Considering the astronomical cost of the bag and the fact that this may not be Snyder's first brush with the law, the gamble could carry significant consequences - including a lengthy stint behind bars.

Snyder captioned the above pic "56 nights," which is a reference to a Future song about a prison sentence. 

Clearly, she's not concerned about the very real possibility of going to jail, and it's possible that she's even romanticizing the whole thing.

Bizarrely, this is the latest legal dust-up that Jaden has been indirectly involved with in the past few days.

Last week a California teen accused Kylie Jenner of stalking and harassing her, all because Kylie was allegedly jealous of her relationship with Jaden.

Clearly, Will's son has a soft spot for the bad girls!

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