Ramona Singer: Everyone My Age Has Had a Face Lift, But Not Me!

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Ramona Singer might be a little out of touch with reality.

The Real Housewives of New York star recently talked to Daily Mail about her dabblings with plastic surgery, and she seems to think it's something every woman does.

Ramona Singer Gif: "What?"

Like, a lot.

"Most girls my age over 50 have had the complete facelift, the neck lift," she told the publication.

So she must be pretty special, because she denies have any invasive work done to her face.

"I don’t really need that," she said. "I’m into working out and staying fit."

She also believes that the plurality of women have had multiple boob jobs, so for her to get one is no biggie.

"Most women have had their breasts done two or three times already," she explained.

"There are girls getting their breasts done at 17,18,20 - it’s crazy. So for me to wait until after 50, so be it. Why not?"

If by "most women" and "most girls," she means "most of the females in the one percent of the richest people in America that I, Ramona Singer, associate with," that doesn't actually add up to a majority.

While it's true that plastic surgery isn't really a huge deal these days, we'd like to see the statistics Singer are referencing when she says "most."

Singer has been up front about enhancing her breasts, although she claims she didn't really need to.

“I went to see Dr. [Sharon] Giese and she didn’t even want to do them. She said, ‘You have great breasts. They’re better than most women half your age.’”

Despite the praise from her surgeon, the star went forward with the surgery.

"I did it for me... I wanted to feel sexier," she said. "I wanted to be able to look just as good with a brassiere as without one."

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