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Susannah Mushatt Jones, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for oldest living human being, has officially passed that distinction on to someone else.

Multiple outlets have announced that she passed away on Thursday, May 12.

She was 116 years old.

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Robert Young, a consultant at Jones’s public housing facility in Brooklyn, confirmed this sad news to The Associated Press.

A native of Alabama and former nanny, Jones received the aforementioned Guinness World Records title in July 2015.

She was born in 1899, four years before the Wright brothers took their first flight in 1903.

Just in case you needed some perspective on how old 116 years actually is.

“Ms. Jones was the very last American from the 1800s,” said Young, who said Jones had been ill for about the past 10 days.

For those hoping to equal or exceed the age at which Jones died, did she have any secrets to her longevity? Any words of wisdom she could pass along?

Last year, in an interview with USA Today, Jones credited bacon and sleep as keys to her very long life. Yes, bacon and sleep!

According to the newspaper, she had a sign in her kitchen that read “Bacon makes everything better.”

This woman was a genius.

Jones is now survived by 100 nieces and nephews, although she had no children of her own. (Hey, maybe that’s another secret to a long life! Just kidding!)

"I surround myself with love and positive energy," Jones also told the New York City Housing Authority in 2005. "That’s the key to long life and happiness."