Justin Bieber: Making Peace With Taylor Swift to Win Back Selena Gomez?

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Earlier this week, we reported that Justin Bieber ended his feud with Taylor Swift by appealing to her ego.

Justin Bieber Gets Emotional

The Biebs took to Instagram to croon one of Taylor's earliest hits, "Teardrops on My Guitar," and it looks like the shameless ploy to get back into her good graces was somewhat effective.

Taylor eventually "liked" the clip, though it's worth noting that the usually-effusive singer didn't offer any praise in the comments section.

Fans know that the feud between Swift and Bieber dates back to around the time Justin first started getting romantic with Selena Gomez. 

It seems Taylor knew Justin was trouble when he walked in, and she cautioned her against taking him back after each of the many times the couple broke up.

In fact, sources say Justin blames Taylor for the fact that he and Selena are no longer together.

So what does it mean that Justin reached out (in a very small way) to Taylor on Instagram this week?

Well, some believe it's the latest effort in Justin's ongoing campaign to win Selena back

As we've learned from all of his other public feuds, Justin is rarely the first to apologize.

He reached out to Seth Rogen during their random intra-Canadian beef, but only because he wanted the comic to appear at his Comedy Central Roast.

It seems the M.O. is that Justin will bury the hatchet - but only if he wants something.

We're guessing that in this case, what he wants is a second chance with Selena.

And clearly he feels that Taylor is the one who can give him that chance.

The whole thing is clearly part of Bieber's effort to prove that he's matured.

Unfortunately, trying to impress a girl by going through her friends is tres middle school, but who knows - maybe it'll pay off. 

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