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Justin Bieber took to Twitter on Thursday night to heap praise on Taylor Swift and also to admit that there’s tension in his relationship with his fellow superstar.

Justin Bieber Hangs Out
Taylor Swift Up Close
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The duel-purposed message was posted after Billboard Tweeted about its latest Artist 100 standings.

"While Taylor Swift is No. 1 on the Billboard Artist 100, @JustinBieber hits a new peak on the chart," the company wrote online.

Bieber then responded to this update with the following Tweet, saying of Swift:

"She is great. Might be time to make things right and hit the stage together again."

Justin and Taylor last performed as a pair in 2011, when the latter invited the former up on stage with her during a concert in Los Angeles.

Neither side has ever really acknowledged a feud until now, but the basis for this beef likely has to do with Selena Gomez.

Swift, who is total besties with Selena, actually implied publicly in October 2013 that Bieber cheated on her pal.

She has long held a grudge over the way Bieber allegedly treated Gomez during the pair’s turbulent relationship.

Cameras also captured Swift sticking her tongue out backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards upon seeing Justin and Selena kiss.

But Gomez and Bieber appear to be over for real. Justin seems like a new and improved man… and come on.

Who out there would not completely flip out over a Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber collaboration? Let’s make this happen, people!