Donald Trump Wanted to Pit Blacks Against Whites on The Apprentice?!

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As you're probably aware, Donald Trump has proposed some pretty zany ideas over the course of his several decades as a businessman, politician, and sentient circus peanut.

Circus Peanut

We knew about the wall, the banning of Muslims, and the decision to crank the tanning bed up to "nuclear glow," but we're just now learning about some of the batsh-t proposals the Donald made during his time as host of The Apprentice.

You might remember that the show featured teams of ambitious strivers battling against one another for the Donald's approval - which is probably exactly what he imagines being president would be like.

During the time the show was on the air, Trump was also spewing the best words on a short-lived syndicated radio show predictably titled Trumped!

In a recently unearthed segment, Trump recalled a meeting during which he came up with “an idea that is fairly controversial."

Naturally, that intro piqued our interest, as Trump admitting that one of his ideas is "fairly controversial" is like Justin Bieber confessing to occasionally being a tad douchey.

The presumptive GOP presidential nominee went on to describe his desire to pit "a team of successful African Americans versus a team of successful whites."

Yeah, a televised race-based conflict is definitely the sort of thing that could get people a bit riled up.

Survivor tried it and eventually decided it was a terrible idea, but the words "terrible idea" have never deterred Donald Trump.

So why didn't producers go ahead with The Apprentice: Race Wars?

We're not sure, but like everything that goes wrong in Trump's life, it's the world's fault:

"Whether people like that idea or not, it is somewhat reflective of our very vicious world,” Trump opined.

“But needless to say, not everybody thinks it’s a good idea.”

Yes, it appears Donald Trump is actually capable of understatement.

Now let him get back to telling you about the best taco bowls in the world.

That woman who chose to croak rather than vote in this year's election may have really been onto something.

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