Tyka Nelson, Sister of Prince, Confirms: My Brother Had No Will

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Prince may or may not have been broke when he passed away last Thursday.

But this much has now been made clear: the legendary singer did not possess a will and testament at the time of his death.

Prince at iHeartRadio Music Festival

As a result, family members are now scrambling to get the artist's estate in order.

On Tuesday morning, Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, filed an emergency petition for the appointment of a special administrator, based on Minnesota court documents obtained by People Magazine.

States one document, which was filed in Carver County:

"I do not know of the existence of a Will and have no reason to believe that the Decedent executed testamentary documents in any form."

This obviously makes things very complicated for someone who earned millions upon millions of dollars over the course of his career.

One major question now is just who will manage and supervise Prince’s business interests.

Nelson has officially requested the appointment of Bremer Bank for this role; he handled the late star’s personal and business finances for many years.

This legal petition also lists the singer's other heirs, which include his half-brother John Nelson... half-sister Norrine Nelson... half-sister Sharon Nelson... half-brother Alfred Jackson... and half-brother Omar Baker.

It would fall to Bank to track down these relatives and try to determine what they are owed.

Reports have indicated that Tyka Nelson may inherit the bulk of her brother's estate.

With so much money at stake, things may unfortunately get ugly between members of Prince's family.

"I would be really surprised if there weren't objections and contests in court. There's a lot of money involved," predicted estate expert and lawyer Jeffrey P. Scott to People.

The cause of death remains unknown in this sad case.

Prince fell unconscious insider his Minnesota home on April 21 and was pronounced dead very soon after authorities arrived on the scene.

Tributes to the singer, via social media or live performances, continue to this day.

He left quite a mark on both the entertainment world and the world in general.

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