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If you thought it was just nerves making her stiff, you are sorely mistaken.

Mischa Barton: Dancing With The Stars Season 22

Rumor has it that Mischa Barton is the most unpleasant participant to ever appear on Dancing With The Stars, and that is saying something.

Barton "is just not coming off as a nice person," sources from the LA-based set tell Radar Online.

“It is really quite unfortunate because when she first came on the show, members of the cast and crew said they were hoping that she was going to be the person that they used to love watching on TV.

"They were actually really excited to meet her."

On Monday, Barton faced elimination alongside Doug Flutie and Geraldo Rivera. 

When Rivera was voted off the show, "everyone hugged him, except for Mischa," a source pointed out.

“Misha had practically no response at all to Geraldo getting kicked off.”

DWTS is a team-driven show where contestants and professionals spend hours together, bonds are formed.  So when people noticed that Barton didn’t join everyone to see Rivera off, “all that did was add to the feeling on set that Misha does not want to be there, and she just wants to take the money and run," the source said.

“Some people are claiming that Mischa is the most self-entitled and rude celebrity that the employees of the show have ever had to work with! She does not discriminate who she is rude to either.”

This wouldn’t surprise me in the least, as I’ve watched Barton’s expressions and body language since the March 21st premiere, and she looks like she’d rather be anywhere else.

Mischa Barton and Artem Chigvintsev - DWTS Premiere