Michael Buble Defends Weird Way in Which He Eats Corn

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Michael Buble has had it with the haters and the critics.

He's not gonna sit back and simply take it anymore.

Michael Buble Eats Corn

What? Huh? Pardon? No, you can say anything you want about his music.

That's not the issue at stake here.

Instead, Buble has fired back against the online outrage that has built up over the way in which he eats corn on the cob.

Last Wednesday, the above picture of the singer at Disneyland in Anaheim, California went viral after it was shared on social media, with millions of users in consternation of what appeared to be Buble chowing down on a piece of corn as though it were a banana.

Was there some sort of mistake?

Some sort of odd camera angle at work here?

Nope, it doesn't sound that way, not based on Buble's response to his unconventional eating approach.

"This is vegetable harassment !!! What I do with my Cobb is nobody's business. #mesocorny #paparazzi #shuckme," Buble wrote as a caption in posting the same photo himself on Instagram.

The incident prompted responses from across the Web, including the following "Open Letter" from so-called comedian Dane Cook:

Hey, listen my crooner friend I get it. You wanted an entire husk of corn and wtf man who doesn't right? A full cob just Popsicle style with a wad of paper towels to catch the extra butter dripping away. A torpedo or post kernel magnificence so hearty and yummy that you have to turn your hat backwards like you're about to carry all 6 bags of groceries from the car to your kitchen counter cuz you don't wanna make two trips.

Yes! We all do son! It's like a warm hug from someone wearing a very bland thermal long sleeve shirt. Pure love.

Let's maybe lay low for the next few weeks. No Garlic Knot Fairs, Rotwurst In The Park Conventions.... hell I would even steer clear of the biggest cheesy puff in the bowl partner. 

Point is this. Big brother is always watching and when you gots a massive phallic food item jammed lovingly in your mouthhole... we all need to know.

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