Kelly Ripa Boycott Angers Live! Crew: Will It Cost Jobs?

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Things are getting very ugly over at ABC.

As most of the free world knows by now, Michael Strahan announced his imminent departure from Live! on Tuesday, explaining that he's headed over to Good Morning America on a full-time basis in September.

Kelly Ripa Smiles

But he and the network announced this career move to Kelly Ripa right around the same time as they told the rest of the world, enraging the long-time co-host.

She felt disrespected by the timing.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning and... wait... that's not Kelly Ripa sitting in the chair alongside Strahan:

Nope, Ripa took the day off, leaving Strahan to awkwardly explain his move alongside guest host Ana Gasteyer.

Ripa is not expected back on the show until some time next week, either, as she's either taking a vacation with her family or going through with a boycott, depending on who you ask.

Why is Ripa's reaction upsetting many members of the Live! crew?

Even the ones who agree she was mistreated by ABC and Strahan?

Because the network is considering the addition of a third hour to Good Morning America, either moving Live! to a later timeslot or axing it altogether. 

Certain employees are therefore concerned about their future - and, according to TMZ insiders, are afraid that Ripa’s absence will damage the show, placing it in an even more precious position with ABC.

If Live! were to get canceled, of course, these people would lose their jobs.

Overall, crew members like Kelly, but they believe she is throwing a “tantrum” and they don’t want to see their jobs affected by her drama.

We can sort of see that, but we disagree on the supposed damage Kelly's absence is doing to the program.

Can you imagine the ratings that Live! will garner on the day she returns?!?

As for who might replace Strahan? We can scratch one name off the list.

It doesn't sound like Regis Philbin wants his old job back.

"She's got a bunch of people that she likes," Regis told TMZ this week.

"Whoever it is, God bless them. Regis has had enough. Twenty-eight years there, 25 before in Hollywood before I came here. I'm done!"

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