Kate Middleton Accused of Having TWO Nose Jobs

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Now I can't stop scrutinizing her photos.

The Duchess of Cambridge: Pre-India & Bhutan Tour Reception
Kate Middleton: University of St. Andrews Graduation

Never in a million years would I have assumed that the Duchess of Cambridge went under the knife, but an alleged source claims that Her Royal Highness has had not one, but two nose jobs.

"The first was a graduation present to herself in 2005," the source told OK! Magazine.  The second surgery was done to make "adjustments" to the first one.

Not only that, but Catherine (so says this source) had a breast augmentation after having her two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

Eh, I don't know if I believe this.  

Flipping through the archives, I don't see a visible difference in the way her nose looks in 2005 vs present day, and even the years in between.  There are some public figures who look like they got work done, but in this case, I'm going to have to call foul.

Yes, Catherine underwent a makeover when she married Prince William, but it doesn't look like things went further than an improved blowout or heavier eyeliner.  Her nose more or less looks the same as it did ten years ago.

As for a boob job, she's probably only recently stopped breast-feeding Princess Charlotte, so I can't imagine she'd put her esthetic needs before those of her child.

Flip through the gallery below and determine for yourself whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge had work done.


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