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We knew Zac Efron had a hot body. After all, we’ve seen him shirtless many times.

But these new photos of the actor showing off his beautiful pecs, biceps, and eight-pack abs (that’s right, EIGHT pack) on the set of Baywatch will make your jaw drop.

Zac Efron shirtless for Baywatch

Zac himself must’ve been pretty pleased with his physique, because he posted this pic above to Instagram.

"Honestly I have a hard time with paparazzi but s/o to this dude," he wrote in the caption.

Shout out, indeed. The photographer captured all the nooks and crannies of Zac’s torso in beautiful detail.

The High School Musical alum was climbing a rope in the scene, showing off his strength and stamina as well, while filming in Miami.

Like we said, Zac is possibly more famous for his muscles than his acting, but he’s clearly been amping up the workouts to achieve this super hero look – his abs almost look painted on. 

Zac posted another pic to Insta about a month ago of himself working out with dumbbells, captioning the photo, "back and bi’s #baywatch."

Clearly he wants to look good for his role in the new movie, in which he plays lifeguard Matt Brody, reprising the role originated by David Charvet in the TV series.

This pic has been far more well-received than a recent social media post in which he expressed gratitude for a "couple things" on MLK Day: Martin Luther King, Jr. and 10 million followers on Instagram. 

Yeah, folks weren’t too happy about that.

But abs? Bring ’em on!