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To open The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13, we flashed back to the moment the Sunday before when Carol told Maggie to stay put…

… right before she then winged the Savior who was creeping up behind her.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13 Online
Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 13 Online

Before Maggie could kill this individual (later identified as Donny), however, a female Savior named Paula pointed a gun at Carol’s head.

She had two more Saviors by her side: an older woman named Molly – Molls, to Paula (and us) – and a brunette approximately Maggie’s age. They took charge of the situation.

Checking things out through binoculars back at Negan’s headquarters, fellow Savior Primo was shot off “his” bike and apprehended by Rick and company, prompting Paula to intervene via walkie talkie.

Although Donny was anxious to get Primo back because he apparently had the skills needed to treat a gunshot wound, Paula wasn’t sold on the two-for-one deal that Rick offered.

After Carol and Maggie moved to the Saviors’ safe house and bound, the former swiped a rosary from a downed walker who was being dragged out of the room.

She think pretended to hyperventilate until Molls removed her gag, “found” the rosary in her pocket and gave it to the “nervous little bird.”

Carol then said she was unafraid to die and was focused solely on the safely of Maggie and her unborn child.

Elsewhere, Donny’s pain intensified later on, as did his anger. He didn’t understand why he should be hurting while Carol sat there, totally unharmed. He wanted Paula to at least shoot her in the arm.

He struck his significant other when she refused, prompting a tied-up Maggie and Carol to try and break up this attack.

Paula proceeded to have the brunette Savior take Maggie to another room for questioning, but viewers learned more here about the Savior than the she did about Maggie’s camp.

After Paula turned down Rick’s hostage swap deal, Carol lied that they’d murdered all the Saviors out of fear of retaliation for Daryl taking out the men who had attempted to rob him, Sasha and Abraham on the road.

Those supposedly dead Saviors mentioned Negan, Carol added. Who is he, she asked?

“Sweetie, sweetie,” replied Molls. "We’re all Negan!” 

GULP. Also: WTH?!?

After Paula determined that Rick and company were near, they prepared for an ambush… which enabled Carol to break free via the crucifix and then free Maggie as well.

The latter insisted that they had to finish off the Savior, using Donny’s corpse as a weapon. She killed Molls with it. Carol was hesitant to do the same to Paula, but ended up with little choice in the matter.

We ended the busy, intense hour with Rick and Daryl arriving and finding both Carol and Maggie visibly shaken.

After failing to get answers about Negan from Promo, Rick shot him in the head … as Carol clutched the rosary so tightly that her hand bled.

Crazy stuff, huh? Watch The Walking Dead online to make sure you are caught up and then sound off in the Comments section below.