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It’s natural for some women to become close to one another if they have a mutual disdain for another woman.

Teresa Giudice Versus Melissa Gorga

Such is the case for Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga, who are now besties because they’ve fallen out with their Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star, Jacqueline Laurita.

“Teresa and Melissa are real friends,” a source told Radar Online of the once-warring siser-inlaws

“They are getting along very well."

On March 15th, Gorga and Giudice attended co-star Robyn Levy and wife Christina Flores‘s Autism fundraising event in Saddlebrook, New Jersey with their respective husbands.

"Melissa arrived with her husband Joe first to the event, but as soon the Giudices walked in the door, Melissa ran over and grabbed Teresa like she was excited to see her,” someone at the event recalled.

“Melissa and Teresa then hugged and chatted with their husbands and a few friends for several minutes. They were all smiles and didn’t seem to have any hate going on between them.”

After they wrapped up their pleasantries, “the Joes moved to the other side of the room while Teresa and Melissa side-by-side walked around saying hi to people.

“They seemed in good spirits and to be enjoying each other’s company.”

The event came a few weeks after Laurita and Levy fought while filming in Vermont.  Lawyers had to get involved because Levy had physically threatened Laurita.

Laurita was furious that Giudice and Gorga didn’t stand up for her, and is currently not on speaking terms with either.

"Teresa and Melissa took Robyn’s side because they thought Jacqueline provoked her, and that made Jacqueline absolutely crazy," a source told Radar Online.

Laurita is allegedly planning to reveal a bunch of "deep, dark secrets" that Giudice and Gorga have kept over the years.