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Last week, Jenelle Evans informed fans that she was gearing up to fight "two custody battles at once."

One of them was set to begin on Monday, but it looks as though Jenelle may not have to plead her case to a judge, as her baby daddy Nathan Griffith has officially gone off the grid.

Jenelle n' Nathan

"I’m trying to file custody papers, but Nathan won’t give me his address,” Evans recently told Us Weekly. "If he’s going to have Kaiser for a weekend, I need to know where he is."

Police have reportedly assisted Jenelle in her efforts to locate Nathan and serve him with papers, but the deadbeat dad is apparently off in the woods living Huck Finn/Unabomber style, because local residents report that they haven’t seen him in months.

Of course, he still finds time to tweet:

"He hasn’t asked to see Kaiser since December," Evans tells the tabloid. "He tweets about me but he won’t text me and ask to see him…He wants to make me look bad."

Needless to say, the fact that Griffith is literally hiding from his responsibilities as a father should make for an open-and-shut custody case, and not surprisingly, Jenelle wants to limit Nathan’s rights as much as possible.

Griffith avoiding his son an baby mama is pretty low, but you know you’ve really hit rock bottom when you up against Jenelle freakin’ Evans in court and you’re guaranteed to lose.

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