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Sia Cooper is eight months pregnant, still has a six-pack and also has one simple question for other expecting mothers around the world:

Why don’t you look like I do?!?

Sia Cooper

The fitness blogger has stirred up a storm of controversy with her run of Instagram posts and photos, all shared from the account "diaryofafitmommyofficial."

In the chronicling of her second pregnancy, Cooper doesn’t just talk about what motives her to stay in such amazing shape.

She wonders why other women aren’t doing the same thing.

"I want to inspire other moms out there that you can get a little creative and find ways to fit your workout in," Cooper tells Us Weekly.

"One of the most common excuses that I hear is, ‘I do not have time.’

"The truth is that we all have time – you just have to make it and not feel guilty about doing something for yourself."

Sia Cooper Picture

Critics, of course, would object to this line of reasoning.

Does Cooper really want to tell a pregnant woman with two jobs that she has has time to work out furiously?

Cooper says she exercises for an hour five days a week while her two-year old son, Greyson, 2, takes a nap.

Her routine includes squat jumps, lunge kicks and lifting weights and her meals include oatmeal, salmon and homemade burrito bowls.

"Many people will say it’s unhealthy or that I am hurting my baby, but everything is perfect as I am currently at a 20lb weight gain," she tells the tabloid.

"With my first son, I worked out as well and I ended up gaining 30lbs."

Cooper is expecting girl in May.

Of her critics, Cooper says the following:

"It used to affect me, but over time I grew a backbone and realized that I can either sit there and listen to the negativity from people who have no idea about my pregnancy or my body, or I can let it go and not think twice about it and just keep doing what works for me."

And that’s totally fine, many would say.

But what works for you may not work for everyone… and perhaps you should not presume that it would.