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Real life blended with the fairy tale world on Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 14.

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For the most part, this installment of the ABC drama centered on Robert Carlyle’s Rumple and his past with ex-wife Milah.

We watched the former couple in their desperate bid to save their young son Baelfire, only for it it to later be revealed that Belle is actually pregnant with Rumple’s child in the current timeline.

This is not a major shock to anyone that follows the celebrity gossip world because Emilie de Ravin gave birth last week and was therefore pregnant during filming…

… but what will it mean in the wake of Rumple becoming the Dark One once again?

“It’s going to affect both of them,” executive producer Edward Kitsis tells Entertainment Weekly, further teasing:

“When he finds out that she’s pregnant, it’s going to affect him, it’s going to affect her, it’s definitely going to affect his motivation.

"Rumple is a new person. We know why he grabbed that dagger, but we’re really going to understand more of where he’s coming from."

Of course,  Rumple has quite a few issues to deal with along with this pregnancy, most notably the fact that he promised his second born to a healer in exchange for a cure for Baelfire.

That deal has transferred to Hades, basically forcing Rumple to work for him.

This may be the biggest obstacle yet for a couple that has faced hurdle after hurdle over the course of five seasons.

“At the core of their relationship is a really deep love, despite all the terrible things that have gone on between them,” fellow producer Adam Horowitz says. “This will be another test to that love.”

That is for certain.

Will Rumple regret becoming The Dark One that he’s also about to become a father?

Sound off on the latest development below and watch Once Upon a Time online to see it unfold.