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Lisa Vanderpump and Eileen Davidson are locked in something bigger than a feud. 

In fact, it’s basically the Battle of Beverly Hills between these two. Neutrality is no longer an option. Pick a side or get blown to bits in the crossfire!

Okay, maybe were being a bit over-dramatic, but seriously, Lisa and Eileen do not like each other these days.

And it all started over some Chinese dogs neither of them has ever met.

Allow us to explain:

Last year, Lisa hosted a fundraising gala to raise money to prevent the mistreatment of dogs at the annual Chinese Yulin Festival.

Eileen skipped the soiree due to a prior engagement.

Last week, Davidson made a joke about Vanderpump’s love of dogs and all hell broke loose.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that the feud has gotten so bad the ladies are refusing to film together, and Lisa is demanding that Eileen make things right. 

“Eileen has still not apologized,” says one insider.

“Eileen told the other housewives that all she really meant by the comment was that Lisa should perhaps use her social platform to help actual humans instead of animals.”

The source adds that Lisa refuses to budge on the issue, and the situation has gotten so bad she’s requested that producers gve Eileen the boot.

“Lisa does not want to work with her again next season. She wants her gone,” says the insider.

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